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In order to eliminate the solid particles

To eliminate any solid particle that could be in suspension in the water we have at your disposal filters for the domestic and also for industrial field.

Made with high quality materials, these filters are perfectly valid for food and safe water..

FILTERS for liquids trough centrifuge pre-filtration

To protect health, domestic, collective, agricultural installations …they ensure the filtration of solid particles (ground, sand, oxide…) which are in suspension in the water.

The filter is installed at the entry of the circuit to ensure the protection of the household appliances connected hereafter.

    • Protects health installations based on water from public network, from rain or  well.
    • Filtration of water before  decalcification systems, reverse osmosis system or treatment with ultraviolet lamps.
    • Protection of manufacturing machines
    • Filtration before of high pressure (until 200 bar) or very high pressure (until 2000 bar) cleaning equipments.
    • Filtration of irrigation systems in the particular area like agriculture.
    • Filtration of water  in watering places in the farming


    • Suitable for high flows.
    • Low  lost of charge.
    • Centrifuge pre-filtration with cyclone effect.
    • Professional equipment, strong and reliable.
    • Inside purge quick and easy .
    • Exclusive system, ecological and economic of the filtering mesh.
    • Visual control of filtering mesh (transparent glass)